Fire and Smoke Doors

The highest quality fire and smoke doors are absolutely critical to ensure the safety of your building and its inhabitants. Fire doors are fire-resistant doors used to stop the spread of fire and act as an escape in the early stages of a fire.

All buildings should be fitted with the right fire doors and smoke doors for the utmost fire protection in line with all necessary industry standards and building codes. It is paramount that a qualified and specialist fire protection company like All Passive Services installs all your fire doors and smoke doors.

At All Passive Services we can supply and install a range of fire and smoke resistant doors and frames, and a range of hardware to suit all residential, commercial, and industrial requirements.

This includes fire and smoke compliant:

  • Latch sets
  • Door closers
  • Intumescent and smoke seals
  • Exit devices

At all Passive Services we can also undertake routine checks, repairs and maintenance to ensure you are always protected against the dangers of fire and smoke.

Leave the job to the professionals and call All Passive Services for all your fire doors and smoke door needs.