Fire Dampers

Supply & Installation of Fire Dampers

Fire dampers help to keep your building and its occupants safe in the event of a fire. At All Passive Services, we supply and install high quality fire dampers to suppress the spread of fire throughout your property.

The experts at All Passive Services are ready to install reliable, durable, and high-quality fire dampers on-site and on-demand. We offer free quotes and bookings— just contact us or give us a call today!

Our in-depth industry knowledge means we supply only the best dampers on the market, complying with strict Australian standards. When you work with us, you know your building will be safe from fire and smoke damage for years to come.

Importance of Quality Fire Dampers

Fire dampers are essential to your building’s HVAC ductwork, heating and ventilation systems and can halt the rapid spread of fire by compartmentalising the affected area of the building. This provides the building’s occupants time to safely evacuate. Typically made from galvanised steel, quality fire dampers activate automatically upon fire detection. This means that the system can be working before you even realise there is a risk.

Without fire dampers, fire and smoke can spread quickly through a building’s ductwork. By installing high quality fire dampers, the total damages and casualties caused by the fire are limited.

All Passive Services equip properties with robust fire damper systems that can withstand high temperatures and withhold fire to provide the fire service time to arrive on site.

Fire Damper Installation

All Passive Services supply and install fire dampers to properties across Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle. We specialise in passive fire protection for the building industry, including annual fire safety inspections.

Our experienced team will install fire dampers into your property, complying with all standards outlined by the Building Code of Australia. These lightweight partitions will activate automatically in the event of a fire in order to compartmentalise your property and reduce the spread of fire, smoke and heat. This occurs when a specialist fusible link breaks down as a result of the fire’s heat, therefore causing the fire damper to close. It is also possible to connect your fire dampers to your smoke detectors, so they will be activated as soon as a fire is detected elsewhere in the building.

Benefits of Fire Dampers

The benefits of fire dampers cannot be underestimated, as the installation of these devices can mean the difference between life and death. Fire dampers function to slow down the spread of fire, resulting in:

  • More time for occupants to evacuate the building
  • Less damage to multiple areas of the building
  • Minimal smoke inhalation by occupants
  • Fire being stopped from spreading to areas containing flammable chemicals
  • Emergency services being able to control and extinguish fires easier

In order to achieve these benefits, your fire dampers must be functioning effectively. It is important that your fire dampers undergo an annual maintenance check by a trained professional, as well as a five-year inspection.

Why You Should Trust All Passive Services

If you are looking for fire protection for Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle, look no further than the experts at All Passive Services. We are an Australian owned and operated business providing a range of fire protection solutions.

Our highly skilled team have the experience and expertise to install and maintain a range of fire safety devices, including fire dampers, and fire penetration sealing. We are dedicated to providing high quality and cost-effective fire safety solutions that you, your buildings and your customers can rely on.

We are also available to carry out annual fire safety inspections, so you can rest assured that your building’s fire safety solutions are functioning effectively.

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Don’t leave the safety of your building and its occupants up to chance. To book your fire damper installation or to find out more about our fire protection services, contact All Passive Services to arrange fire damper installation today.

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