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    Sealing of Penetrations Fire Stopping

    AFSS Certificates

    We provide routine fire protection maintenance for the building industry, all strata, fire protection companies, and anyone requiring certification for annual fire safety statements.

    • lightweight construction
    • fire seals protecting openings to fire resistant components of the building
    • fire dampers and shutters
    • access panels and hoppers
    • warning and operational signs
    • paths of travel

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      Annual Fire Inspections

      Currently Australian law states that you have passive fire protection measures in place, they are maintained and regularly checked to ensure they are have been installed correctly. Any weakness in a fire protection system can compromise the entire building, so it is essential that you have annual inspections carried out by an accredited safety fire inspector.

      All Passive Services can provide this annual inspection to ensure everything meets industry and regulatory standards on a consistent basis. Our team is vastly experienced and knowledgeable about how to ensure your passive fire protection is at its most effective. On completion of all projects and inspections, we will provide certification and baseline data that serves as evidence that the work has been conducted to the highest standards and compliance as per Australian standards.

      Passive Fire Inspector Inspecting Building For Annual Safety Inspection

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