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Annual Fire Inspections

We can provide annual inspection and certification of all your passive fire protection

Fire Stopping

All Passive Services are fire protection experts in Sydney and Newcastle, utilising fire stopping measures and fire penetration sealing. This involves a thorough inspection of fire compartments. A fire compartment is so important as they stop the spread of fire in a building and that intern can save lives and reduce the risk to property. The aim is to identify non-compliant openings that may contribute to a spread in the event of a fire. Work is then done to rectify potential breaches in compartments using fire-resistant materials that have been tested to Australian standards.

It is often the case that tradesmen have unknowingly compromised a fire compartment. This penetration’s in the fire wall / fire compartment can give fire and smoke an opportunity to spread. Ensuring these penetrations are filled correctly, is a fundamental part of a fire stopping. These works should be carried out by professionals to exact regulatory Australian standards, so no time or money is wasted by engaging in contractors that are not up to date with Passive Fire standards and tested systems. Not having works completed correctly will create headaches for all involved and a resolution will have to obtained for the building to achieve OC or an annual fire safety certificate.

Vermiculite spray fireproofing means adding a protective coating to steel on the structural parts of a building. The chemical properties of this coating make the protective layer expand when exposed to high temperatures, providing an additional layer of protection to steel. This way, it takes longer for the fire to penetrate structural steel and does not compromise the basic functionality of the metal itself.

All Passive Services can supply and install a wide range of fire products and advise on fire proofing for residential, commercial and industrial requirements with full compliance and maximum security against the threat of fire. Our professional team will ensure you have an effective passive defense against fire and smoke using the very latest technology.

Passive Fire Inspector Inspecting Building For Annual Safety Inspection

annual fire inspections

Currently Australian law states that you have passive fire protection measures in place, they are maintained and regularly checked to ensure they are have been installed correctly. Any weakness in a fire protection system can compromise the entire building, so it is essential that you have annual inspections carried out by an accredited safety fire inspector.

All Passive Services can provide this annual inspection to ensure everything meets industry and regulatory standards on a consistent basis. Our team is vastly experienced and knowledgeable about how to ensure your passive fire protection is at its most effective. On completion of all projects and inspections, we will provide certification and baseline data that serves as evidence that the work has been conducted to the highest standards and compliance as per Australian standards.

Specialists in Fire Protection

Passive fire protection is an integral and fundamental element of fire protection in a building. At All Passive Services we pride ourselves on being experienced specialists in fire protection.

Consultation, Testing and Certification

Our commitment to please our customers by providing a professional and friendly service is why our customers continue to use All Passive Services. We provide consultation services to our customers to ensure jobs are planned before installation. Once the system has been installed our staff can continue inspection and certification services as per Australian standards.

Peace of Mind

Fire protection industry standards and The Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires only approved Passive Fire Protection Systems installed for the building industry. At All Passive Services all our work is in compliance with all Industry standards and building codes so you can rest easy with peace of mind knowing you are getting the utmost protection from a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Customer focused, Safety first approach

At All Passive Fire Services our customer focused, safety first approach means we are committed to providing a comprehensive fire protection solution, taking care of all your passive fire protection needs. Our continual drive to please customers has seen All Passive Service work hand in hand with some of Australia’s larger companies.

Comprehensive Services

This dedicated approach means that not only your building is safe from the spread of fire but all passive fire components such as fire dampers and fire containment barriers are all compliant to the highest standards ensuring your safety and well-being at all times.

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