Within the last six months many sites have had an increase in defects due to the new legislation bought in to ensure essential fire safety measures are to be endorsed by a competent Fire Safety Practitioner. Many of our enquires relate to large defects being raised within weeks of the annual fire safety statement being due.

This means in many cases the client has to submit an application for an extension for their AFSS and not all councils will approve the extension. This puts the clients in a difficult situation sometimes resulting in expensive fines. This could have been avoided if the annual inspection were conduction up to 3 months prior to the AFSS being due to give sufficient time for repairs to be completed.

Here at All Passive Services, James is our competent fire safety practitioner. If you would like any further information on AFSS you can contact us by email or drop us a line or you can look up your local competent fire safety practitioner at FPA.com.au