Here at All Passive Services, we specialise in effective fire protection for both residential and commercial properties in Sydney. These services are designed to detect and protect against fire. These services will involve installing fire-safe materials to increase the safety of a property building in the event of a fire.

What is involved in fire protection services?

Fire protection services can involve a variety of different systems and products. For example, it can include a protective and preventative inspection to evaluate the safety of property against fire hazards as well as including the installation of active and passive devices and materials that work to prevent or enclose a fire to ensure maximum safety and minimum damage.

Why is it important to have fire protection services in place?

These services are vitally important, as each year there are around 100 fatalities and 3000 injuries caused by fires. Having these services installed within your property aims to prevent fatalities and injury whilst protecting your property from extensive damage. According to Fire and Rescue NSW, up to 40% of home fires are caused by electrical appliances and faults, therefore having a fire protection service will ensure that yourself and your home are effectively protected against fire.

Here are the most important benefits of fire protection services:

Increased safety and protection for you

These services are designed to increase your safety within your property and work to effectively alert you when there is a fire within your property.

Helps to protect your property and belongings

These services are designed to maximise the protection of your home, including your belongings. By successfully detecting a fire as quickly as possible, these services work towards ensuring minimal damage and maximum protection for your property.

Contacting Fire Emergency Services

Another huge benefit of these services is that they automatically contact Fire & Rescue emergency services which will advise dispatchers of exact locations of your Sydney home, including specific areas of your home, and give occupants assurance.

Different types of fire protection services:

Active Fire Protection

Active fire protection services are designed to react against fire when it starts. An example of an active protective service is sprinkler systems that are in place to suppress the fire with water when it has broken out.

Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection services are designed to prevent the spreading of fire and attempt to ensure minimal damage and maximum safety. An example of passive fire protection services are the installation of non-flammable materials in the construction of a property.

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Here at All Passive Services, we specialise in passive fire protection services, meaning that we install high-quality tested product to your property so the installation is in association with the Australian standards. We also perform protective inspections to ensure the safety of your property. We also work closely with the building industry to ensure fire-stopping materials are incorporated into new build design and construction.

If you would like more information about our fire protection services Sydney residents can rely on, you can contact us directly.