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Newcastle Fire Protection

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    State-of-the-Art Fire Prevention

    Ensure your building is equipped with the latest in fire prevention with All Passive Services in Newcastle. Our commitment to fire safety is unparalleled and we’ll always carry out every installation and maintenance to the highest standard. Equipping your property with quality fire protection measures is a legal requirement. Don’t risk the lives of your family, employees or occupants and speak to the experts at All Passive Services.

    We offer a comprehensive service including the inspection, installation and safety checks for fire dampers, fire stopping and sealing of fire penetrations. Our experienced technicians can identify problem areas and implement fast, low-cost and potentially life-saving solutions to get your building compliant with the Australian Safety Standards.

    At All Passive Services, we also provide certifications, annual fire safety inspections and baseline data to verify your building’s compliance. To organise an inspection with the leading fire safety technicians in Newcastle, contact us today.

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    Fire Dampers

    Highly effective and only requires maintenance every 5 years, fire dampers are a long-term, efficient solution to prevent the spread of fires and smoke. Installed within HVAC systems, dampers are also used in door frames and windows.

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    Fire Stopping

    Enhance your fire-rated floors and walls with our advanced fire stops. We’ll apply an effective seal around the openings and between the joints to significantly slow the spread of the fire. Contact us at All Passive Services in Newcastle.

    Sealing Of Penetration

    Sealing Of Penetration

    Speak to All Passive Services to install wraps, fire collars, fire boards, bulkheads and more at your Newcastle property. We’ll correctly seal the fire penetrations for your floors, walls and pipes.

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    Get valid certification that your building is compliant against industry standards and building codes with All Passive Services. Our technicians are authorised to issue fire safety certifications for strata and commercial property owners.

    Annual Fire Safety Inspections

    Annual Fire Safety Inspections

    All Passive Services are licensed and qualified to conduct annual safety inspections in Newcastle in accordance with AS1851-2012 and the Building Code of Australia. We’ll schedule a time that suits you.

    Baseline Data

    Baseline Data

    Baseline data is imperative in verifying the performance of your fire safety equipment and measures. Our technicians will determine how your fire safety system and equipment performs to ensure it’s fully functional and in good condition.

    Smart, Safe & Affordable

    Take a proactive approach to fire safety and call the friendly team at All Passive Services in Newcastle today. We pride ourselves on offering premium-quality fire prevention systems and equipment that’s durable, effective and built to last. Our technicians are the specialists in fire prevention in Newcastle and we ensure every project is completed to the highest industry standards.

    At All Passive Services, we tailor high-performance fire prevention systems to meet your individual requirements and building dimensions. Speak to us about inspecting, installing and maintaining fire dampers, fire stops and correctly sealing fire penetrations at your property. Our goal is to ensure your property is fully compliant against the Australian Safety Standards and your occupants are safe 24/7. We can provide our fire protection services to the building industry including residential, commercial and industrial properties.

    Annual fire safety inspections are paramount to monitoring the conditions of your fire systems and equipment. Our technicians are licensed and qualified to perform fire safety inspections, and can issue valid certification if your building is deemed compliant. Phone us on (02) 4324 2022 at All Passive Services to organise a fire safety inspection in Newcastle today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s involved in a fire safety inspection in Newcastle?

    Our qualified technicians will inspect your existing safety measures including:

    • Lightweight construction
    • Fire seals
    • Fire dampers & shutters
    • Access panels & hoppers
    • Warning & operational signs
    • Paths of travel

    We’ll offer advice and recommendations on how to improve your fire safety.

    What are your service areas outside of Newcastle?

    All Passive Services travels throughout Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle to deliver personal consultation, high-quality fire prevention installations and maintenance checks.

    Why should I install fire stops at my Newcastle property?

    Fire stops are a deep seal that prevents fire from passing from multiple compartments in a building. It’s a highly effective solution to vastly slowing down the spread of fires, saving you costly repairs in Newcastle.

    Why should I hire All Passive Services for fire prevention in Newcastle?

    In the event of an emergency, our fire prevention systems can be highly effective at delaying the spread and growth of a fire. This gives you valuable time to reach a safe location in Newcastle and save costs on property damage.