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Fire Protection in Sydney

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    Fire Protection Services in Sydney

    All Passive Services delivers a complete fire protection service for residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle. Our expert technicians are highly passionate about the safety and security of our clients and are meticulous when it comes to fit outs. New South Wales is no stranger to the devastation that fires can cause. That’s why at All Passive Services, we only use premium quality materials and the latest in fire prevention methods to protect your property.

    We inspect, install and offer routine maintenance for fire dampers, fire stops and seal fire penetrations. Need to verify your compliance with the Australian Safety Standards? Our technicians are fully qualified and licensed to conduct annual fire safety inspections and issue certification.

    Fire Dampers

    Prevent the spread of a fire at your Sydney property and hire All Passive Services to inspect, install and maintain fire dampers. When the temperature rises from the heat, the dampers melt and causes the door to close.

    Fire Stopping

    Effectively slow the spread of the fire and give you, your family or your employees time to evacuate the building with our fire stopping sealant. Our technicians travel across Sydney to inspect, install and service fire stops.

    Sealing Of Penetration

    All Passive Services will promptly and accurately seal the fire penetrations for homes and commercial properties throughout Sydney. We install wraps, fire collars, fire boards, bulkheads and more.


    Get certified for your annual fire safety statements with All Passive Services in Sydney. We carry out routine maintenance for all residential, commercial and industrial properties that are legally required to prove the building is compliant with fire safety standards

    Annual Fire Safety Inspections

    Hire All Passive Services for a fast, convenient and thorough annual fire safety inspection in Sydney. Our experienced technicians are fully qualified to issue certification as evidence of your compliance.

    Baseline Data

    Get documented evidence of the work that’s been conducted and verify the performance with baseline data. All Passive Services delivers accurate baseline data for compliance purposes.

    Minimising Fire Damage

    Hire All Passive Services to equip your building with state-of-the-art fire prevention to significantly slow the spread of a fire. Whether the fire was started from faulty heaters, cooking or electrical equipment, our advanced fire prevention materials and methods will increase the time you have to safely evacuate the property.

    Our expert technicians inspect, install and maintain fire dampers, fire stops and seal fire penetrations throughout Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and you can trust that every installation is carried out to the highest degree in line with industry standards and building codes.

    Organise your annual fire safety inspection with All Passive Services. We offer prompt and thorough fire safety inspections at competitive prices. We’ll ensure your property is compliant and can provide expert advice on how to improve on your existing fire safety precautions.

    Call us today at All Passive Services in Sydney. We’ll schedule a time to inspect your property.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to install a fire damper at my Sydney property?

    Fire dampers are not a legal requirement in Sydney, but they can be highly effective at stopping the spread of fires. By creating fire-resistant compartments, fire dampers are beneficial to occupants trying to evacuate and can help prevent further damage.

    What are the common causes of fires in Sydney?

    The primary causes of fires are from cooking equipment, heaters, electrical wires and cigarettes. It’s important to identify vulnerable areas of your property so our technicians can implement the proper precautions and prevent fire damages at your Sydney building.

    Do you offer fire safety certifications in Sydney?

    Yes, we do! Our technicians travel throughout Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle to perform fire safety inspections and issue valid certifications.

    How often do fire dampers need to be inspected in Sydney?

    It’s recommend that you hire qualified technicians to inspect fire dampers every 5 years in Sydney. We’ll ensure they’re in good condition and compliant with Australian industry standards.